f5techs the anonymity specialists

So, its going to be fixing customers computers, and giving me advice on the computer repair market, giving me ideas on how to best expand my marketing footprint, to include businesses, etc...all basic shit.

Here's what is going to set this company apart- I want to advertise that we are Anonymity Specialists. 

People hate Big Brother, there are a shit ton of documentaries about the NSA ACTUALLY spying on Americans.

Check this out when you get a couple hours...


From a content perspective- this is just a beautiful angle, its an engaging topic. It's interesting to some, will raise other's eyebrows, and to others, it will be a call to arms. 

In all cases- people will respond to it.It creates a conversation.

We will set up  blogs, articles, videos, etc on this topic. Our site will be the "go to site" on info and current news on this topic. This will help the company up as an expert, which ads legitimacy to the company, sets us apart from your typical "geek squad" and, ultimately- increases the value of ALL services we do, which demands a higher price.

While this, of course has been done by hundreds of websites like toguard, it HASN'T been done on a local level. The idea to a customer that YOU can hire these experts to come to your house to consult you on privacy issues, and set up your system to be anonymous- has so benefits, It would be impossible to list them. 

The main benefits are- word of mouth. They type of customer that would be attacted to this service, the "I hate big brother" is generally an outspoken person when this topic comes up. He would tell EVERYONE he knew that "the government can't listen in on me, I had privacy experts come by and make me anonymous." - and all of his friends are probably just like him.

Setting ourselves up as experts in this field gives the impression we know more about computers than pretty much anyone. That we're on the same level as the NSA. Compare that to the customer's other options- the customer could do it the way they are used to- just drop off their computer with some teenage "tech' who's attitude is just as shitty as his body odor.

...Anyway- its all about increasing the perceived value, which then demands a higher price.

And we will, actually provide an anonymity service. The best way for me to explain it- go to this website. Torguard.net I want to provide everything they do. Primarily the VPN Routers (we install and configure ddwrt on their router, or sell them one...)

We of course will do this ourselves, we won't be purchasing the routers from torguard, however, the things we can't do ourselves, we can purchase from torguard, and resell it. Torguard has an affiliate program- which means, for example- we would charge a consultation and service fee for setting up the VPN service, and private email, then, we would get a kick back from Torguard for the sale.

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